Sunday, October 4, 2009

Violent protestors or protestors met with Violence?

This past week the Armenian media reported about the protests held in France when President Serge Sarkssian visited Paris to try to mobilize support for his upcoming signature of Turkish-Armenia protocols. While following the media I realized that the Armenian media (especially in the Diaspora) has been catching up with art of propaganda and opinion shaping which is quite common in Western media. Thus the protests against Sarkssian were reported as “protesters met with police violence” and only a few of them (not surprisingly these were ones based in the Middle East and hence not well versed in the art of “deception”) reported the event as “violent protests greet the president”.

While one would say that this is an issue of semantics, I would rather argue that the way the issue is represented shows the disparity that has engulfed some circles in the Diaspora leading them to perhaps orchestrate violent behaviors and then presenting it as if it was a peaceful expression of opinion which itself was met with brutal force from the savage French police.

I wonder if "anti-protocolites" would be learning from the Paris experience and resort to violence in other cities as well. one thing is for sure, over a decade and a half ago, another Armenian president was labeled "traitor" and accused of "selling out" the nation, I wonder if the problem is not with the presidents, rather with us!

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