Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The day after

it's done, the protocols are signed and the traitors of the Armenia nation have already been assassinated in the media and in the minds of many people. However what will be done now? Well for one thing, there should be a lot of contemplation on the Armenian side to realize what happened and why couldn’t people stop it from happening. The numbers’ game put aside, the lack of leadership in the Armenian world (both in Armenia and in the Diaspora) was accentuated in recent weeks.

What’s worse is the constant manifestation of the uneducated rambling and actions where many people attribute ideas and concepts to people without their knowledge or even without their approval. so for instance, while it is wrong to assume what would have a person who had passed away think or say about a specific issue, it is but compelling to bring up the case of the late Hrant Dink while discussing this issue. There have been documented cases where in recent weeks Dink has been used as an anti-protocol symbol without realizing the irony that had Dink been alive today he could have been one of the most vocal supporters of this agreement.
this makes me think of one word (two words actually), mob mentality. that has been the driving force behind Armenian opposition to the protocols and as such has been ineffective, to say the least.

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