Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clash of egos

Following the tour that Armenia’s president has been on, the demonstrations “welcoming” him and the public statements made during and after those visits I cannot help but wonder about some of the issues raised there. Being a doctor, I am in the habit of identifying a problem, finding its causes and then, if I could, find remedies or solutions. In this case my initial diagnosis is a acute case of egos, inflated with a sense of insecurity with a side effect of disorientation and increase sense of self-importance.

After having conversations in Armenia, the Diaspora and after reading statements from “anti-protocolites” during the meetings with the president, one common feature that came up was that those making grand statements against the protocols had an inflated case of self impo(r)tance or an overrated sense of confidence as to what was it that they’re doing. More often than not, the supporters of the president sounded like broken records, each repeating the same idea, sometime with the same words). However on the “anti-protocolite” side, while the speakers used more diversity the striking thing was the misguided notion that they spoke on behalf of the nation. Regardless of how many people showed up in the demonstrations in Paris, NYC or LA (in and by itself a major issues as the proportion of those showing up is minimal compared to the overall number of Armenians living in those cities), the “anti-protocolites” have mixed the lines between respect and argumentation. The meetings with the president were used by many to show off (“look mum, I am addressing the president” situation) or at best to repeat pre-formulated grand statements.

Once again, Serge Sarkssian is not the president of All Armenians he is the president of Armenia and if the citizens in Armenia are not taking an ownership in this issue (which they should) then the diaspora could only keep on ranting for self-medication purposes.

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