Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome (I think)

Welcome all,

This blog is an offshoot of several pieces I wrote back in 2004 (we can actually say that to 2004 now—“back in the good old 2004”) during my nth visit to Armenia. At the time I thought that Dr. Spurkian would be just like a summer romance (a good and memorable experience in the summer but disappears once you get back to your home and work).

I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t. There was some buzz created around the postings (which appeared on the Groong news network at the time and which I have included in the "2004 Archives" as my initial postings) and after a long interruption of 3 years (enough time for someone to appear out of nowhere and become the President of Armenia) I decided to give it another shot.

Since the new posting in early 2007, I’ve got encouraging emails to keep on expressing my opinion on things that many of us (you) think and some people even dared me to start a blog to increase readership. Well, being the stubborn and vain Armenian as I am, I decided to take on those challenges and start a blog.

Please do not expect any revealing information in these pages, just some egomaniac who thinks that he knows better than some and has taken up the “banner” of spreading “truth” and expressing his own opinion about things, which are otherwise left unsaid.

Godspeed to you for your patience to read and, to me to be able to update this blog regularly.


Note: The above message is approved by Dr. Spurkian himself who, like many “intellectuals”, is too busy to write his own welcoming notes.

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  1. Dr. Spurkian!

    Wow this is great! I have read some of your stuff on Groong and now I am delighted to see that you will be updating us/amusing us (at times with some of your "jokes" here and there).

    I look forward to reading your blog :)